White Cloud Mountain

Tai Chi Chuan

Tung Family / Yang Style

Burlington & Lincoln, Vermont

Autumn 2017

To be simple, pure, clear, still, level and constant;
to be impartial without action,
and in action to be aligned with heaven,
this is the way to sustain the spirit.
- Zuangzi


All welcome to join in learning the supreme internal art of Tai Chi Chuan as passed directly through four generations of the Tung Family Lineage, awakening one’s potential to generate well being for body, mind, and spirit.
Teachings focus on the practice of sequential postures of the traditional Yang style Slow Set along with complementary exercises, qigong, meditation, push hands/partner practice, and Yin/Yang principles, philosophy and application.
Guidelines for ongoing diligent practice with right effort encourage attention to form, alignment, balance, mindfulness and energetic flow which bring forth greater vitality, harmony and skillfulness within each individual and community as a whole.

Classes & Events

Monday Classes, Burnham Hall, Lincoln

Intermediate Monthly Class

Knowledge of slow set required
Burnham Hall, Lincoln
1st Mondays / 6-8 pm - 10/2, 11/6, 12/4
$60/Season (Oct-Dec) or $25/class

Practitioners of Tung Tai Chi Chuan welcome to learn new forms as well as to refine and deepen understanding through practice. In addition to Slow Set, teachings will proceed according to students' level and may include the following forms as taught by Grandmaster Tung Kai Ying and Master Tung Chen Wei:

Tai Qi Gong; Fast Set / Quai Chuan; Family Sets (slow & fast)/ Tung Jia & Ying Chieh Quai Chuan; Dui Lien Single & Partner Practice Sequences / both Yang & Tung Family; Single/Double Push Hands Forms & Applications; Hard Set / Kai He; WEAPONS: Knife; Sword; Long Knife; Double Sticks.

Intermediate Open Practice

Burnham Hall, Lincoln - 2nd, 3rd, 4th Mondays, 6-8 pm
$20/Month or $10/Class

Practice of Slow Set and rotation of forms as mentioned above.

Fundamentals of Tai Chi Chuan
Beginners Course
October 16 - December 18

Burnham Hall, Lincoln
Mondays 5-6pm
$135 / Season Course

This class is designed for beginners and open to all levels to learn anew or deepen one's understanding with our focus on the fundamentals of Tai Chi Chuan practice which will include: Slow Set postures & sequence (1st section); Complementary exercises; Tai Qi Gong; Single Push Hands; and Application of Yin/Yang principles and philosophy. An emphasis on alignment, relaxation, energetic flow, and joy will guide the learning curve. The benefits to body/mind/spirit well being are supreme.

All Levels Class

McClure Center, 241 N. Winooski Ave, Burlington
Wednesdays / 5:30-7 pm
$150/Season (Oct-Dec) / $60/month or $20/class

All welcome to begin or continue to learn and refine the internal practice of Tai Chi Chuan. Classes are dynamically structured to create a basic foundation to sustain personal practice for years to come and will include: Slow Set postures and sequence; Complementary exercises; Tai QiGong; Single Push Hands; Fast Set and an understanding and application of Yin/Yang principles & philosophy through all. Attention to alignment, relaxation, energetic flow, and joyful enthusiasm are encouraged to bring forth greater vitality and well being to body, mind and spirit.

Autumn Practice Retreat

White Cloud Mountain Retreat, Lincoln
(Burnham Hall if raining)
10am - 2pm
Donations Welcome

All welcome, beginners and seasoned practitioners alike, for practice of Tai Chi Chuan forms in the spirit of community. Celebration of the season will continue with potluck meal to follow.

Private Sessions

Lincoln & Burlington

Individual or small group (2-4) instruction available by appointment. $60/hr Large group events for communities & businesses. Fees TBD

Registration / More Information

Please get in touch with us to register for classes or with any questions.





Madeleine Piat-Landolt (Instructor), is a movement artist/dancer, educator and healer who has shared the wisdom nature of complementary movement art forms, sound, and meditation in North America and Europe with all ages for over 35 years. She has been a practitioner of this authentic Yang style Tai Chi Chuan since 2003, studying with Grandmaster Tung Kai Ying, his son, Master Tung Chen Wei, and long time student, Christopher Kiely. Madeleine has been teaching traditional Tai Chi Chuan classes in Vermont since 2006. She is the Director/Founder of the White Cloud Living Arts Foundation, established in 2007 to inspire, awaken, and cultivate true nature through education, consultations, retreats, and community events wherein all beings may benefit.


Andreas Landolt-Hoene (Instructor), has had a passion for martial arts throughout his youth and, after his graduation from the University of Vermont, was introduced to the practice of Tai Chi Chuan in 2009 by Madeleine Piat-Landolt. Within the next year, he deepened his ongoing training through seminars and camps with Master Tung Chen Wei and Grandmaster Tung Kai Ying. He has assisted in teaching all level classes, as well as for the Governor’s Institute of Asian Culture at UVM with Madeleine since 2012. In the Autumn of 2015, he began teaching his own class in Burlington with the blessings and encouragement of the Tung Family. Additionally, Andreas cooks fine meals at Pauline’s Cafe in S. Burlington, and enjoys the arts of videography and photography as well as moving in the flow on his skateboard or snowboard.